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Ko-Fi  Memberships
(Thank you for the monthly support!)

Two hands hella nuzzling with each others, that formed a heart hands gesture.


$2.58 per month

Spilled iced green tea latte with sliced strawberries scattered all over.

Matcha Giver

$5 per month

Three-sequence images, first one is written script, second is rough sketch, and third is fully completed comic book.

Comic Peeker

$7 per month

Less than three...

In the other way, <3!

Thank you for the cute small support. You get:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you've helped Sake out.

  • Discord access to community, networking, artists, and any public work updates.

For just a meaningful $5, you're helping this artist remain caffeinated on a matcha green tea in order to draw more, thank you so much! In return, you get:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you've helped Sake out

  • Early access to art before the social media uploads

  • Access to monthly art dump containing doodles, art studies, sketches, WIPs, and discarded works that is not posted publicly.

  • Discord access to community, networking, artists, and any general work updates.

With just $7, you get this COOL SPECIAL VIP to eat up my comic work, ranging from their preproduction to finalized pages ahead of the time before non-VIPs get to see them! B-)

  • All previous membership rewards.

  • Get the latest release of the next comic page, including the WIP/pre-production stage!

A blushy Little Fella got noticed by an eye!

Pls Notice Me~

$10 per month

An army of crudely-drawn goofy geckos.

Gek Owner

$25 per month

Brains growing out of the ground like plants.

Brain Gardener

$48 per month

Do you really want to leave a small mark in this world, while getting noticed by Sake? Say no more!


  • All previous membership rewards.

  • Your name on a special thank-you section of comics, videos, Discord channel, and livestreams.

  • Get noticed by Sake!

$25 a Gek! :V First month, you get a random design of a Gek character! Uniquely yours! Your Gek will be featured on this website with formal ownership.

  • All previous membership rewards.

  • Monthly handmade and verified ownership of Gek.

  • Discord access to meet the other Gek owners! For more info about Gek:


WARNING: Geks is a very undeveloped project, please join in your risk! You might not get any gek for a while at first.

Are you an artist and seeking out more information? This one is for you!


  • All previous membership rewards.

  • One (flexible) hour of 1:1 consultion, + draw-over redline + written constructive criticism.

  • Discord access to see perspectives of other people's feedback that may benefit you.



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