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Destiny Slater is a self-taught and formally educated artist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts & Animation, based in Pittsburgh, PA. After diving into the animation and comic industry without much traction, she decided to create her own opportunities by becoming an independent cartoonist, channeling her energy and talent into graphic novels with strong Deaf protagonists, heightening the focus on her stories, messages, and emotions.


The genres that inspire her work and artistic style range from alternative future and supernaturalism to thriller, action, and fantasy, and even include disciples of philosophy and racing.


She cares for three geckos and one cat. In her free time, she watches anime, reads graphic novels, draws, cooks, visits cafes, admires insects, listens to electronic/metal songs, and goes bouldering with friends.

She goes with the flow in her life and wants to express the worlds and universes that reside inside of her head into great stories conveyed by her artwork.

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