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A headshot illustration of Destiny as cat.

For commerical/contract offers, please email me: 

The information below is for personal use only!!

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How to commission


Know what you want

It is very important to have all of the information ready for the commission before you contact the artist!

Here's the list of things you need to have before commissioning • What do you want from the commission menus? If it is not in the menus, please be clear what kind of work you are commissioning me for. • Do you have visual references? A stickman drawing to describe works. • Do you know what mood, tone, vibe, pose, and facial expression you want? • Do you plan on using the commission for a certain purpose? It is good to inform me about file format, size, and if you're planning to print. • Know the price. Make sure you have the budgeting for what you want. If unknown, check the menus out!


Contact Me!

You can use Ko-Fi commission page and fill the information out accordingly, reach out to me in the contact page, or just email me at


You get a response

You will get my follow-up to your commission request on the same day or to in a few days!

If I approve your commission, I will let you know about the turnaround, the pricing, and generally confirming the information. Then you can expect me to keep you updated on the commission progress.

Commission Top

Commission idea

Quickie Art

Purely experimental art. I hope you love your silly picture! 

Smol & Cute!

A chibi-like drawing of your character! Very cute! You will feel fluffy! 

Custom ASL Emoji

This artist is authentically Deaf!! A single custom ASL emoji. Simple hand design. One signed vocabulary. Up to two or maybe three hand motions per single emoji image.


You will get .PNG, with transparent background. Both enlarged and scaled-down size. And a sheet of all of your emojis if you order more than one!


- High detailed hands, more realistic.

- Simple choppy animation.

- Full smoother animation.

Full Rendered Bust

Perfect for your icon/profile picture!

It is a semi-paintery style. One character only!


- Simple animation